Best Broadband in Mumbai!

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Where is Pacenet 😱?
even igate is missing which is the best as far as i know...though i use hathway and voted for it...but i guess the 256kbps plan shd b now charged 700-800..they charge 1100
this is ridiculous. No one is putting votes. 220 views and only 12 votes?? People just have to click. One second it takes. Still no votes?? Bad, I think.
QUOTE(akash @ Apr 28 2006, 01:30 PM) [snapback]49512[/snapback]
I second that..... well without the shhh.....
it simply rocks... 😉
dudewat is wrong with yei wassshhhh just plain happaaaeyyyy u second thatit rox aks rocks aka rockz roxxxxcsssshhhh
Where is the option "none" ???? Just like in voting...I would say 'none of the above' hahahahaBroadband is --a. 128 kbps and aboveb. it always gives the advertised speed 24/7c. There are no upload or download limitsMtnl comes closest to the above, but its not there yet.