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ExattNet rocks there as far as I know... 😀I wish BSNL were there in Mumbai [ Not MTNL ]... 🙁
@agnivo007: well I guess Exatt honeymoon period is getting over, problems have started cropping with many people I know...standard thing once the no. of users start rising - services / speed / uptime falls.... personally I have been waiting since 20 days for them to put up connection at my place... :angry:
viwake, i'd suggest u go for MTNL if u're either in Delhi or Mumbai...go for the 590 NU gives u unlimited usage between 12 - 8 am...this is one of the best available in the market today... 😀
Yea I would suggest that too, but be prepared to be a night-waker... :lol:

What is this safe custody charge crap on triband plans??Also, if i buy a modem from the market for use with triband and it gets burnt due to high voltage on the line or something, will it be covered by the manufacturer's warranty?
The warranty will not be applicable due to "mishandling" clause. :lol:Use a spike guard Rs.99 only. Sasta hai bhai... 😉
thanx for the quick reply 🙂 -- ya, so the spike guard will protect me from the surges coming through the power line - but will it protect me from the surges coming through the telephone line ?? 🤔 actually in the above post i was referring to surges in telephone lines. Telephone lines work at a particular voltage and i read somewhere that initially airtel had this problem ie they had slightly higher voltage than what is required in their lines and it fried peoples modems. Then there is the threat of spikes from lightening strikes etc...though its pretty rare.The reason why i am contemplating on this issue is to figure out whether it would be better to take modem on rent or buy it. BTW, idiot are u also a fan of 007.......just curious.........we had one here......who suddenly disappeared 🙁
As for tel. line surges due to lightning, I have made a habit to unplug the tel. line before a thunderstorm. 😀 I shut off the power mains too !There are some UPSs available which have tel. line surge protection socket and they are pretty cheap too! 🙂In-line tel. surge protector adapter are available too. I dunno the price.If u are planning to continue the broadband connection for some years, then its good to buy ur own modem as paying the modem rental unnecesarily for a long time does not seem logical. 😀And ur last question : I like the sequence "007" :lol: