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depends upon the guy who modifies them 😀 but i think palio looks nice with DC Kit... and the freaking thing is that I cannot find his website...
afaik, his site was seems to have been squatted down. anyways the site totally s*cked for a man who developed a model of Aston Martin V 8 Vantage in india 🙂
Yep! the website is now screwed. But yeah they sure mod cars really well. My friend once showed me a Zen modded by them.

Originally posted by sulphurine@Sep 24 2004, 01:37 PM
Which car do you think will look good when modified???

I think the Indica has the potential to look really cool with a few mods - esp. wheel mods to fill up that awful gap between the wheel and the wheel wells/arch.

Originally posted by sulphurine@Sep 27 2004, 09:58 AM
what about the cars in NFS Underground??? Which one do u think is good???

Are you talking about the looks or the car that is good to carry through all the levels? If it's looks, then there's a whole slew of cars - the 350Z, the Eclipse (which looks really _cool_ after installing all level 3/unique mods). There are some others too like one of the Honda/Acura models, don't remember exactly which because they s*ck at racing 😛.

Among the smaller ones, the Peugeot 206 looks pretty decent too after some amount of modding.