Bharat Fiber - Initial Setup Charges

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Please share the setup amount that you have paid for the connection.

They have charged Rs 5500 for the connection and other things, since its a small town in UP and there's no other service available, I had paid for what they asked.
Here's the breakup-


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massively overcharging you for ONT. i would suggest you to wait a few more months
wait for airtel or reliance to come, otherwise you are just being fleeced off your money which is used to support lco's personal infra and nothing else.
This bill is just tailored to amount they already had in their mind and not based on true cost or profit margin of these things.

ONT is max 2500, if you shop on your own 1500-1800, why charge for splitter and JC Box(50 ruppe plastic), it should be inclusive in Installation alone.

What is this extra fiber, is it from pole to your home?
I paid a lot due to being first mover and others who came later on paid anywhere between 1500-2500 and max 3500.

Bargain bcuz lco is getting a fixed share of yopur money paid to bsnl anyway, it not like he is just one-cut infra guy, he gets recurring payment from you.

Hold your cards tightly.

btw bsnl inbfra being overloaded right now might not give you promised speeds..
Same for me I am the first person here who's getting a broadband connection.
I had thought about the charges, explored this forum, people have paid between 2500-6000 for the setup, but again there's no other service here, hence have to go with them.
They have laid a single wire from the exchange, distance is around 600 meters (100m from the last pole to my home).
Service-wise everything is good (getting 20-40mbps speed), always answers my call and came thrice in 30 days to collect written feedback.