Here's my concise review:

Pierce Brosnan - The best part of the movie.
Quintessa Swindell (Maxine Hunkel / Cyclone) - you deserve a spin-off movie.
Aldis Hodge (Carter Hall / Hawkman) - he was fine. Needed a better script and dialogue.
Noah Centino (Atom Smasher) - Tried too hard to be funny. Should have asked Brosnan for tips. Totally unnecessary character. The movie would have worked fine without him.
The Kid - please go back to school and do something else with your life.

Lamest villain ever. Didn't care abt any of the remaining characters.

The guy who thought it would be cool to insert cringe songs in action scenes - please re-evaluate your life choices.

The director shouldn't touch another superhero movie. The action was cool but the execution was lame. The worst use of slow motion in action scenes I have seen. They turned a cool character's origin story into a dud. Hire better writers ffs.

Overall rating - 5/10.

My issue is with Amanda Waller. Why does she keep on destroying cities lol. Black Adam is not the one roaming around the world killing people. Yet she has a problem with him just being there. And she sends Superman to deliver a message lol. What a shitshow.