BlackBerry 9720

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Blackberry has confirmed that at least one BB7 device is coming soon.
Only reason is to have a namesake "new" device under 20k & give an impression that they are still supporting OS7 devices, so that people buy them as well.
I dont think so this is gonna work out. Their pricing are utterly lunatic. Be it legacy device or 10. Q5 is also priced around 25. Why the hell someone pay 25k qwerty. Bb should bring under 15k bb10 device to let the users experience powerful bb10 platform.
I really doubt we will see a BB10 device under 20k any time real soon, forget 15k. I feel, they will leave the sub-20k segment for OS7 devices.

This move doesn't makes sense in building the brand forward. BB has lost it's usp "BBM" to whatsapp.
This step is a desperate move to rake in profits and keep reminding people that bb is not dead.
BB7 model would be perhaps only for Non-US, Non-Europe market like African, Brazil, Asian (may be India 🙂 ).
Their logo on backpanel seems to have got bigger?