Blackberry Curve 9220 launching tomorrow in India

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Tweets on Twitter claimed that this is the cheapest Blackberry to go on sale in India 😕


ok the report claims that it has a 2mp camera and it only support 2G networks. what a shame.
I guess, in a way its true, since Curve 8520 "launched" at 15-18k & the current price is a slash from launch price.

Also, BB always seem to price their mobiles as a premium - They have improved, but still a bit higher compared to other phones.


Their cheapest Wi-Fi + 3G GSM phone is another age-old , BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 a.k.a Javelin.. which is still selling at 13k. They have a BBOS 7 equivalent selling at 18k - BlackBerry Curve 9360, which can be claimed to the Javelin successor. This 9220 looks to be the 8520 a.k.a Gemini's succesor.
last time i tried using a blackberry to use google maps, i got a headache because of the small display. i think it is pretty clear that they believe that their devices are good for teenagers who want to text (bbm) all day long. rest of the features can go to hell.
I would not say their entire range, but they feel that this particular Curve model (8520/9220) is for that only... Also free applications worth 2,500 rupees, might be the right push needed for someone who might be thinking about a low-end Blackberry now.

[h=2]Blackberry Curve 9220 launching by Katrina Kaif[/h]

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