Blackberry Q5

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I wonder what will be the price if the specs are right.
Yup.. I feel so too... I think that this R10 might also do well in India.
Yeah. Let's hope Blackberry fans finally have something to look forward to. They would still have to make a choice between paying for a Blackberry device when the same price can get them a much superior Android phone.
Q10 @ 25 & this one at 15-17 would have been nice. But then, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride...

Yeah.. I know.. But, I cant imagine paying 40k for it.
Also I am still surprised their OS7 models havent come down by much even after BB10 launch.
I actually like the design of the Q10 a lot. A lot more than Z10 which still looks like a prototype design to me.
As for OS7 phones. I guess it's good that they are not selling for cheap. Anyone buying them today is practically wasting money.
Rumours also indicate $300-$400. So yeah, closer to 25K in India, I guess.