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yeah i noticed this too. amul butter price is still 235 in my local market. Grofers might have a fresher stock that might have increased mrp for them. harvest gold bread is also now 45 instead of 40 lol. this is local market price.

i won't get amul butter for 220 in my local market though. maybe at reliance fresh. but the grocery store i go to usually has 4-5 rupee discount on mrp.
Should be simple to test. Would order Amul in my next order and see the mrp on it.
I am going to pester them about lowest price guarantee for brown rice I've ordered just now.

Others are selling it for Rs. 97 per kg, while Grofers? Rs. 109 per kg.
Or just wait a month and see if other stores follow the newer Amul pricing.

Amazon Fresh store lists 235 as MRP But Amazon More store lists 245 as MRP but both are selling it for 227.

She was being extra with "this was not an easy thing to deal with". Lol.
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so my last two orders. Grofers showed instant 10 minute delivery. but they arrived after around 30-40 minutes. i am completely ok with this. but it seems like they are unable to keep up with the delivery timing which they thought would get them a lot of great pr but it sort of backfired (at least online as we really don't know what regular folks think). though i imagine there are going to be loads of people who would find it annoying to get 10 minute delivery in 50-60 minutes.

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Yes, Actually if you have good refrigeration and low power cuts, you can keep butter for more than an year.

Ghee you can keep for years!!