Bombay Lan & Net Hub

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hi ppl

u can also join using internet
Hub Name : Hê@vÝ M€']['ÅL hµßß
Hub Addy :
Hub Email :
Hub internet address : (only 4 registered users )
Hub internet address : (open 2 all users )
Hub internet address : (open 2 all users )
MinShare : 1 GB
MinSlots : 3
i run a dc++ lan hub used 4
sharing exchanging & softwares songs movies & games
over lan u can also join the hub
by using the software dc++ or czdc++
downlod this software 4m my comp i had shared it
& just use the hub ip to conect 2 me
but b4 that u need 2 do some settings in ur ip address

go to my network places -> rt click -> properties -> local area connection ->
rt cick -> properties -> tcp/ip -> properties -> advance -> add ip address

Subnet Mask :
where xxx = 001 to 254

u can put any no. in this range
then just go on clicking OK till it close
then run the software czdc++

then go to files -> setting -> general -> & put ur nick name watever u want

then in click the red heart in that u can see teh heavy metal hub
rt click properties & out ur nick there also & then conect 2 the hub

u can share ur stuff by go in setting -> sharing & ther u can add ur folder or
drive 2 share so that every 1 can get ur data

mail & chat with me on

download czdc++ or dc++ 4m net or my pc & use it 2 conect my pc at ip

orkut comunity -

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Is ur Net Connection Type really 100 mbps ??
hey I tried everything but when I try to connnect, it says connection refused by target machine
hey dubal,
u write ur speed 100 mbps, check ur speed at
dont possible speed 100 mbps to any user. it is lan card speed.
dude its called net connection type not LAN connection type also if u r gettin 100mbps internet plz do tell us how u r gettin such spds...