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BSNL is launching its Data One Broad Band Service. Some of fortunate souls like me has already got this. One thing which I am unable to understand is that the Service is being said "Always On" But the modem (UT Starcom) and the dial-up suggests that it is infact a dial up network, the only difference is the speed at which the same connects with the server. Will you please enlighten me on this issue as I am a little bit confused.sanjitcx
You can set up your modem to dial BSNL itself automatically when you start it so that by the time your computer starts up fully, your internet connection is ready! Yep, not really ALways-On but close enough... The Always-on means you can leave your computer on as long as you like without paying per-hour charges or phone charges etc...Even the "real" always-on you're talking about is not always on... the modem also "dials-in" (DHCP) to get an IP address and that too is just faster than DSL dialing! 8-PYou can read around the forum for how to set up your modem to auto-dial for you...
Though I have not done it myself, I think it is possible to enter your Broadband username and password in the UTStar modem's configuration page. Check out the manual. The modem would then do the authentication without "dialling". This dialling is not the same type of dialling as in the Dial-up modem. Rather its an authentication procedure whereby the DHCP server grants an address only after authentication. Otherwise anyone with an ADSL modem would have gained access to the network. If they have dumped a copy of the PPPoE software in your computer or have given you a CD, you can check the writeup there, which explains the setup process and about PPPoE.
Hi,The BSNL people make a PPPoE dial-up connection using ms windows that you everytime use to gain access. They say it is for single user conf. But you can also use the modem's router functionality to connect it over to many pcs. You should enter id, pass, etc in the management interface and there you go ! It's ready and always on ! BSNL people do these only in multi-user setups. Why not do it yourself ? It saves the hassle of manually connecting and blocking of port.007
It does not matter to them if multiple ppl use it though they claim they dont want it to so happen and so they have blocked certain proxy s/ws ( i dunno what they are called ). But they beauty is that it works on internet sharing on XP, and also thru the router.I think they dont mind multiple users thru the XP and router because ultimately they wnt to earn revenue of usage beyond the set limits of 1 Gb etc.
I think u r right on the view that it is the data limit that counts for BSNL. In fact proxy softwares installed on pc will not be blocked. But the best way is to use a router. U get the bandwidth distributed uniformly over the router.