Broadband Options in Ahmedabad?

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I will be in Ahmedabad for 4-5 months from November 10, 2008 onwards. I am looking for new Internet connection in Abad so that I can work on my US based assignments.

My requirements are as follows:

[*]High Speed Broadband
[*]Reliable (My working hours will be from 6 PM to 3 AM)
[*]Should be able to support:

[*]One VOIP Line
[*]VPN connection to my employer's network in US at decent speed
[*]MS Live Meeting/NetMeeting over VPN
[*]Regular usage of Outlook email application over VPN
[*]Download/upload of files worth several MBs (Will not have any P2P traffic)
[*]Should be available in Memnagar area of Abad
[/list]I have looked at several alternatives online and considering the following options:


[*]Plan: Home 3300/2mbps/20GB limit
[*]Cost: Rs 3300/month

[*]Plan: 1mbps unlimited
[*]Cost: Rs 2222/month
[/list]Can you please advise me on what would work better? The cost is not an issue. Are there any other viable options?

In addition, I am also planning to get BSNL EVDO card as a back up, in case the landline based broadband falters.
Get the Airtel 1 Mbps 2222 plan. According to all reviews, it rocks!Stay away from BSNL broadband and EVDO. It sucks!! :S