Broadband Service Providers In Hsr, Bangalore - Help

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Hi everyone,I've been living in HSR layout (sector 7), Bangalore and for some strange, unknown reason, have been unable to find a decent BB service provider in my area. Hathway sucks, Airtel is already a sucker (apparently they are yet to wire the area) and I have placed numerous connection requests with BSNL, Tata Indicom and Sify. Does anyone living in sector 7 have a BB connection (256kbps or higher, unlimited) with these players? please let me know.cheers!
hey, i live in koramangala - KHB colony, have tried BSNL, dumped them coz they didnt have unlimited at that time, went for Hathway - dumped them coz they blocked incoming ports - and i needed the incoming ports as i wanted to host a website, now with airtel, incoming ports are all open, unlimited, no prob with speed ( avg around 28 - 30 get a bsnl connection should be the easiest for u. what are they saying ? why cant they provide u with a BB connection. If this is a problem with Bangalore imagine other states...
Airtel if available in your area, should be the automatic choice.Don't know about BSNL or Sify, never tried that.Take whatever, but stay away from Tata Indicom.
Well...I've applied for a BSNL broadband connection TWICE now (via their website for new registrations). Seems like no one actually cares about people USING their site to register for new connections, unless someone is shoving up a new-connection form in paper up their ....Not sure about Tata Indicom or Hathway, although Hathway has improved services, but I am not really inclined to shelling out so much of money for a cable-modem, and then with their history of poor CS, not so sure of they'd be prompt to fix any problems.Airtel will take another lifetime to provide service in my area.Is there an alternate way of registering for a BSNL connection?
As per my experience BSNL guys don't check their applications applied through WEB. Better you approach them in person.I have wasted my time applying through web.
so which service provider you are using for internet connection, I stay in HSR 3rd sector an looking for a internet connection, can you pls give me any inputs/contact nos would be great


I stay in HSR 3rd sector and looking for internet connection, can anyone pls suggest one or any inputs/contact nos would be great.

Airtel/BSNL cable yet to reach there (since last year its trying...)


Well Airtel is best interms of C care.For BSNL Dont feel online forms, Go to the BTM Exchange or HSR Exchange & meet the people there.Just pay them bit more & all free ports are urs 😉
Hi Guys,I stay in HSR 3rd sector After reviewing lots of thing I have plan to go with Hathway and then got to know that they will not provide internet connection because they have a contract with TTN and where TTN will be there they will not provide service.Then automatically I got call from TTN Manager Name Raju : mo: +91 9907366333And after lots of promise related to service from them I got connection.after getting connection after two day it got down automatically I called to them guy came and did the things.then after every next day started facing problem related to connection sometimes it goes down some times it don't connect. I tried to contact customer care and Raju every time answer was "it will be fixed in next 10 minutes " but never fixed from I would say never go for TTN. I would like to know other provider from HSR 3rd sector.
so I would say never go for TTN. I would like to know other provider from HSR 3rd sector.

Thanks for the warning, even I shifted to 3rd sector recently, were you able to find something? Airtel says there are some "technical issues" 😕
I heard Skyline cable is starting HDTV service and internet broadband. Talk to them to check status: 9611119641; 22583299.Airtel is not there in most parts of HSR i guess. BSNL is the most reliable one. But getting is not easy. long waiting time to get the connection or have to bribe.Try one of the wimax else.