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^ all the above sites are opening at present . I am usingInternet Explorer to check dataone usage records ...and there is no need to post the same query twice !
i am unable to check my service record till now..this sites works but whenever i want open service record page it shows ERROR IN PAGE...i dont know what to do now.. 🤔
All the above Dataone portals are showing usage records
for me . where exactly are you getting the error ? After
log-in to the portal , there is no need to select our service
plan . we have to just select the month and click on the OK
button ... if you have recently got new dataone connection
then pls wait for a day or two days to see your usage records .

if you are using Firefox then you can install Datafox extension
to get your usage data . pls see :
i m using dataone from last september....but from the last month i m getting this problem..after log in the site is shows

User Info

Change Password

Service Records

Service Order Records

but when i click on SERVICE RECORD it shows error in page..nothing open..

n ya i m using internet explorer..