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The Global Village Idiot
Tata Play 1 gbps, Microscan 500 mbps and PDPL 300 mbps.
hehe , like this "India Weep" post

hey sushubh, who posts here, you? others?

you should post about making broadband a voting issue... then maybe the freakin govt will get off its hindquarters and expedite broadband growth for us, coz we know all the political parties want votes from wherever the heck they can find them!

then the private operators will follow, coz they cannot use the govt as an excuse (bad regulation, high international prices etc etc) to not give cheap/fast connections


Vote "YES" for world-class broadband! Let's break up this cartel formed by govt and private operators who are all hand-in-hand to gouge the Indian consumer!
if u want u can post there. it is managed by a friend Dr. Abhishek Puri.
You want to make it a voting issue?Fine, but it will only lead to even worse situations.If i remember right, water/electricity/housing has been a voting issue for 58 years! 🙄