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ACT Blaze 30 Mbps (Post 50GB, 512Kbps)
Many of us must have visited BSNL Customer Care Centers to check on the newly introduced BSNL 3G service.Did anyone get this product yet? I heard from Indiranagar branch that they are yet to receive both 3G Handsets and 3G Data Cards. I didn't find it useful to purchase 3G SIM without the above.Whats your experience? Please share!In near future, will 3G Broadband service replace the existing BSNL DataOne? Whats the starting download/upload speed for BSNL 3G in Bangalore?
Why do you want to buy handsets from BSNL, buy your own and just get the SIM from them.
At this moment, I don't want to invest on hi-end handsets until 3G is available on all the networks and becomes stable.
I don't think the 3g SIM cards were given out on Friday or Saturday in Bangalore - I'm hoping they are available on Monday at least. I'll write a review of the speeds soon after i get it. & if anyone else already got the 3g Sim in Bangalore - please provide info on which exchange you got it from & the name of the contact person. I'm trying in Rajarajeshwarinagar & Vijaynagar. good luck 🙂
I tried in Indiranagar exchange..they told they will get the sims on monday or tuesday.If i don't get it on monday, i will go to Ulssor branch which is supposed to be the BSNL Karnataka Headquarter! Hope they get them tomorrow..
U r right.Until a competitor arrives after the spectrum bidding it wont be economical to subscribe.Now BSNL and MTNL have the 3G monopoly in India.But some of the networks of other mobile providers are having 3G ready networks.

It's not like 3G's specs are going to change anytime soon. As long as you have a Quadband UMTS Handset you should be futureproofed globally with respect to roaming. If you're just worried about India make sure it has WCDMA/UMTS 2100Mhz(2.1Ghz) and you should be kosher. Also it would be wise to make sure it has at the very least HSDPA/HSUPA(>3.6mpbs) as many of the current budget 3G handsets are of the 364kpbs variety.
Don't know about prepaid 3G sim cards. As communicated sent a sms for migration for my postpaid, and within 24 hours as promised the phone was latched on to BSNL 3G network and could manage voice calls. But data is not working.😡
Wondering how a largest Telecom firm moves its service to Production, without procuring enough stock for all the exchange units. It would be highly advisable for such firms to launch its service in "Beta", until they are 100% ready to address customer inquiries.Awaiting further reviews from other users who BSNL 3G up and running with all features (especially the Data/Broadband review).
Maine saturday dopahar ko, sheshadripuram police station ke saamne BSNL franchise me BSNL 3G usim kharida. Tab unhone kaha ki sham 8pm ko activate hojayega. Lekin abtak mera 3G sim activate nahi huva. Mai monday ke subah jake unse poochnevalahoon.Kelin meri ek mushkil hai abhi mere paas 3G mobile nahi hai. Mai march 10 tak Nokia 5800XM leneki sochrahahoon. Tabtak mai 3G ka istemal nahi karsakta.