BSNL Broadband: Combo 1500, Home Combo ULF 1400 and Home Combo ULF 1700 plans

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the blog post owner contacted me with some requests. i fulfilled everything. but he even had issues with the description of the updated plans. i mean what the F. you want me to remove the description of speculative plans even when i have added a source link? i thought there was something called fair use. 🙂

anyways. i have added the warning in the first post and removed the link to the source. we are not in the business of publishing speculations as confirmed news items.

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adding the link to the original source because the dude claimed that i was not being very nice to him. 🙁
Gave BSNL CC a call and they said that they had no info about these plan changes and they highly doubted it to be true. However, told me to check back on Monday- to see if some circular had come.
knowing BSNL it would not be shocking that they do not get this circular for days. and the official news is posted after like 4-5 days. most of the times their newly posted plans are applicable from days earlier. 🙂 so i am not really surprised. the source is pretty confident as he claims to have contacts inside BSNL management. he also claims that the details are on an official BSNL document he has with him.
I heard they are going to make UL 1350 1mb unlimited in 2 months. is this true or just bull****. Which plan are you on now?

I don't think its true, as a matter of fact I have a rumour (inside info) that they may impose FUP on UL750 plans where after 8 GB it will be reduced to 256kbps.
righto. recent steps taken by bsnl shows that they too are not interested in FUP free unlimited plans at higher speeds.

of course it would suck to be paying 750 bucks for 512k that falls down to 256k after a particular limit is crossed. airtel has already done it. BSNL might or might not do it.
I got used to 512 Kbps speed. For the first time, I laid my hands on direct links for movies. In 256 Kbps, mostly it is interrupted by a power failure. It takes around 4 hours for a movie in 512 Kbps. Will be a great disappointment if they really apply FUP on UL 750.
This rumor may be true. I am on the UL1350 plan. Last month I crossed the 15GB limit on the 27th but the speed was not reduced to 512kbps.