BSNL Broadband: port forwarding UT300R2U

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NAT is your internal IP, which is not globally routable. Thats why you need to setup port forwarding, since the router wouldn't know where to route the connection to. In UT300R2U, go to Advanced, Virtual Server, and that is where you setup port forwarding.
my post was meant for firmware with no virtual server setup; they hav only this option.. i guess.. it works fine with me.. all ports open..
hi friends ,

I am also having the same do the port forwarding i went to router page and i did some thing i dont know what the page i not getting loaded for me .It gives me the following page see the screen shot

is their any way to reset the router ?

please help me to recover the routers config and port forwarding help.
You have posted the error message.
Confirm ,1. you cannot access Internet for surfing
2. or access the modem by using admin admin.
3.If 2 above restart the browser and try.
4. In some model of UT300R2U there is no virtual server option.
Which is your model ?
5.If you are confident of reprogramming the modem, with power on
use reset button or recess of the modem to restore factory defaults.

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ensure that you are getting an ip on your pc.. in the command prompt type ipconfig and see if you are getting an ip of the form 192.168.1.x
@anbutorrentcheck out the back/side of your router. There would be a reset button which you would have to push using a pen/needle/pin or pointed object. Press it for around 5 seconds with the router on until the lights on the router go off and light up again. This would restore factory settings. Now you can edit the router settings by accessing

/members/anbutorrent/You could have mentioned whether BSNL staff used the modem reset option and again reprogrammed the modem. and how you could access Port forwarding menu in the modemProbably you are using WANminiport dialer now