BSNL circular: Introduction of CDR

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The Bastard Son
Received a circular in the bill today so i guess it will be done soon.

Some points under the new system include:
1) Introduction of tariff plans equivalent to mobile tariffs. New tariffs will be announced shortly.
2) Free usage terms will be changed from units to rupees.
3) Broadband plan change will be effective from the date of the order instead of 1st of next month.
4) New system and billing in effect from 1st jan 2010. You should see the change in the first week of february when you receive the bill of january.
5) Existing customer number to be changed to customer ID.
Introduction of CDR based Customer Care and Convergent billing system.

Dear Customer

In order to serve you better, BSNL is introducing New System in the field of customer services, billing and web self care from January 2010 onwards. The system is called CDR based Customer Care and Convergent billing system, in short CDR based Customer Care system. The billing system so far being used is SSA centric where as the new system is Zonal one covering Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujrat and Chattisgarh states.

The system will be able to offer you various tariff plans which you might be enjoying in mobile services. The new tariff plans will be announced shortly.

As the system caters to complete Zone, certain changes are required in the procedures currently deployed. These changes will be done internally without causing any inconvenience to you. In this process we would like to share with you the changes that are likely to be implemented.

1. The billing is on rating the individual call detail records rather than on Opening Meter Reading (OMR) and Closing Meter Reading (CMR). The OMR and CMRs will not be printed in the bill now onwards.

2. The name of the Tariff Plan and Broadband Plan will be changed. But the tariff will remain same.

3. The number of free calls will now be offered as equivalent free usage amount in terms of Rupees.

4. Broadband plan charges will now be effective from the date of order instead of 1st of next month.

5. I ) The bi-monthly bill covering December 2009 and January 2010 which is due in February 2010 is being issued in two bills i.e. one for the period of 1/12/2009 to 31/12/2009 based on OMR and CMR and is being issued in the first week of January 2010 under the existing CSMS system. The second bill for the period of 01/01/2010 to 31/01/2010 based on individual call details records (usages) will be issued in the first week of February 2010 under the new CDR system.

II ) The next monthly bill covering January 2010 month will be issued in the first week of February 2010 based on individual call details records (usages) under the new CDR system.

III ) The next bi-monthly bill covering January 2010 and February 2010 months will be issued in the first week of March 2010 based on individual call details records (usages) under the new CDR system.

6. If you are a customer who pays bill through Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) then you may have to change the mandate furnished to your bank with the new customer account number allotted to you through the bill issued under the new CDR system.

7. Your existing Consumer No. will be changed as Customer ID. In addition to that Billing Account No. will be allotted to you to maintain your Billing/Payment/Commercial transactions.

8. So far you are paying the dues against Bill, i.e., Bill-wise accounting was being followed. In the new system, payments made by you will be accounted against your Billing account. Any unpaid dues of a bill will be shown as Opening Balance in the Next Bill and will be added in the dues payable.
Lets hope BSNL implements the above clauses in a complete error-free way..!
Checking call details just a mouse click away for BSNL customers
“Mobile and Landline customers, along with Broadband users would benefit immensely due to this project,” Lodha added.

“The CDR project will be run on a test basis at each place in four states of the west zone. It will be tested in Maharashtra state at Kalyan.

“After the satisfactory results, the new state-of-the-art project will be rolled out in entire west zone likely by end of 2009,” Lodha told.

“One will just have to log on to the new website, which is to be launched by the BSNL soon, under CDR project for accessing calling details, billing amounts and customer care help. Subscribers will be provided with a unique customer identification number, using which they can have access to needed information.”
Ah I see, perhaps thats why my BSNL broadband online usage site is throwing errors. On top of that they are taking a very long time to change me from 1350 UL to 2999 ULF and didnt deny me due it being middle of the month and not near/just before the 1st 🙂
It was long over due. The tender was out in 2004.
2007 report from forbes
BANGALORE (Thomson Financial) - India's state-run telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has placed orders worth 12 bln rupees with Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, HCL Infosystems and Wipro Ltd for its call-data record (CDR) billing project, reported The Economic Times.

The project will be completed in December 2008.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India had earlier directed all telecom operators to implement CDR-based billing system by March 31, 2004.

The delay in decision was due to BSNL's vast network and changes in the company's requirements.
Bump*Circular added to the first post

Gosh....I have to go to some godforsaken office of BSNL to submit fresh mandate for ECS. I think paying by visiting the nearby exchange may be easier. Else, I will have to look out for online payment options.
Those who have received there bills for the month of january can proceed to register themselves on this website.

Like you see in the above image, customer ID is required to register yourself there. It could be found on your bill.

I've yet to receive my bill. I read that you could view the itemized report of each month on that site. Can someone confirm if it's true?
Haven't received the bill yet. No one in the kalyan circle has has received there bills yet. Last date for payment of bills is either 28 of 30. I think there planning to send bills for two months - jan and feb combined. No choice but to wait else try calling the exchange and ask them about it.