BSNL Disconnection Request Not Completed

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Hello friends,

I had an Annual BSNL Bharat Fiber Plan which was expiring on 23.Mar.2020. I raised a ticket on Self Care Portal. A ticket was raised but it is still in Open Status.
I then called the toll free number on the 13.Mar and requested for disconnection. The support person on the phone line asked me to submit the equipment which includes the ONT Device and the addl. free Landline at the BSNL Office in person to close the Connection.

I visited the nearest BSNL Office in Bangalore on 21.Mar.2020 just before the lockdown, submitted all the devices and got a signature from the concerned person in one of the floors of the BSNL Office. Then I submitted my letter for disconnection which had this person's signature confirming the return of device in another floor where they guided me to. The lady at the counter accepted the letter for disconnection and gave me a small paper slip of acknowledgement with a BSNL Seal on it, her sign and my broadband phone number written on it.

Now today I have received a bill which includes the renewal charges for the entire year while in reality I stopped using BSNL on 21.Mar.2020 and returned all the devices also. There does not seem to be any customer support answering the call on the Toll Free number.

How do I make them reverse the charge ? What options do I have given that support does not seem to be active. Is there any other option or do I need to wait for the lockdown to be removed? Please advice.

Thanks in advance.
They'll take time to process.
Don't worry about the bill. It'll be automatically taken care of.