BSNL evdo in chinchwad

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Ok... -_- -_- -_-
what is average monthly usage of evdo data ?? Anyone ?
^ means possible total data usage on unlimited plan in a month....
i know its totally based on its speed...but i just wanna know.. 😛layful:
finally Today i've got EVDO demo at home (chinchwad) .
The BSNL person brings ZTE modem for demo.
Speed was very low ...hardly reached to 15 KBps ..
although evdo BTS distance from home appx.1km . network was continuously changed 1x to EVDO.
... rejected EVDO forever 😛layful:
Chichwad is BSNL EVDO enabled area. Please contact your nearest BSNL office for speed issue. EVDO Unlimited plan has no cap in data using.

EVDO technology gives upto 3.1 mbps speed.
But while demo its about 15-20 KBps for me.
And also customer executives in exchange even doesn't know difference between EVDO and 3G ..
The EVDO connectivity issue at Chinchwad BSNL CSC is still present from last 6 months... Max. speed on Rs.750/- Unlimited plan is 1 to 1.5mbps. 🙁
Hello Sir,
This is very unfortunate that Mr. sujit.m got a very bad demo. If your area is EVDO enabled you should get a minimum 1.8 Mbps and maximum up to 2.8 Mbps.
Hello Sir,
Very good evening Mr.Amar. If you own a EVDO, you might submit a complaint to the customer care. Call 1502 or 18001801502
A technical officer will call you and sort out your issue within 7 days.
Guys, I've been trying to obtain an EVDO connection from BSNL for last one year. I live next to Old Sangvi Exchange (less than 100 metres). However, the employees at the exchange / CSC refused to offer any help / correct information, citing that they do not deal with sale of EVDO connections. I was asked to travel to Chinchwad Exchange / CSC for details of the Dongle, a good 10 Kms away, but on reaching the exchange I found the employees there too extremely uncooperative; they too refused to offer any proper information on the network coverage and performance in my area, and simply told me to buy the dongle at my own risk as to coverage, performance, installation, activation and support. Neither the Engineer / CSC at the local exchange nor at the Chinchwad Exchange / CSC is willing to answer whether EVDO servies are being provided by the Old Sangvi Exchange. Now I have been directed to Kasarwadi CSC, where I have been given the same response as the Chinchwad Exchange. Furthermore, they declined to take BSNL Landline Bill for proof of address, citing that they'd need to explain their Higher-ups why they sold the dongle to resident of Sangvi Exchange Area! Should I bother at all any more with BSNL? Unfortunately I am not in the position to consider wireline, and for reference, BSNL 3G in the area is pathetic (full network, 70% down time, only 5% 3G speeds).
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