Bsnl Ftth downtimes are getting frequent and longer

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Nipani, Karnataka
Everything seems to work fine and then suddenly Dns server issues, even accessing websites via IP's don't work. Such goes for hours and fixes itself somehow, Such used to happen like 1-3 times in a month but now its like I am having it 3-4days out of a week. I have tried changing to multiple dns from the router and from pc. and a lot of other stuff but today I got to know that It's not just me but everyone who uses bsnl ftth I know faces same issue. In the initial days like 2-3 months back, I could access sites like when I used to get these dns errors. The person who has ftth franchise here isn't picking up the call :[ and its strict lockdown here,

The GPON power/other stats looks almost exactly like when it works fine. What exactly could be going wrong? Pinging to any ip address just gives 100%loss.

Today the Internet's down for us since the morning and :{ nothing that I know we can do.
In my area, the equipment the franchisee uses is given power backup, whereas BSNL's equipment isn't. I think he did it since he's an LCO and people would get mad if TV services went down each time there's a power outage. So whenever the power is out, my OLT still receives a signal (so LOS light does not turn on) but no internet connectivity and no IP in WAN page on router.
Facing the same disconnection problem others faced. For the last 2 weeks when the weather is windy or rainy I am getting disconnection though no LOS red signal. I think as someone stated above it's related to the power outage since it happens here during windy conditions. LCO has a backup but somehow BSNL doesn't, if its not a power issue then somehow it's related to cloudy conditions, wonder if it has something to do with satellite connectivity from BSNL end.
It's not a power outage issue here, since my neighbors managed to reach bsnl office. There seems to be hardly anyone employed there anymore. It s out due to some maintenance issues probably got overloaded because of cheap hardware and a lot of customers. The guy who works and knows some shit at the office is stuck in another city and can't travel due to lockdown restrictions and was the reason they were unable to fix stuff early.. That's what I heard. idk how much I can trust those words though.

As far as I've seen BSNL's equipment is never cheap or low end. Most of the time their fiber capacity is under utilized. Genuine software mishaps and power outages can occur, which will often need trained personnel on hand to rectify fast.

Another thing I've seen with BSNL is that there is very less automation. Even to propagate network level changes, manual edits need to be done at every level of the network. This works when you have a lot of cheap spare labor in the from of underpaid freshmen engineers but not anymore. BSNL's hiring process is very skewed in favor of reservations and most of the employed engineers can't even understand the basics of their work. As long as things are running, everyone is happy to sit and chat and act like bosses of the place. It's not the equipment; it's the whole company's culture.
I am also experiencing downtime and low speeds in the past few days. Sometimes its Ok. Sometimes it doesn't.
BSNL is a is not a reliable service provider. Take any service from BSNL and you'll find out.

If you have options other than BSNL do consider them.