BSNL FTTH Ping!!!!!!!

When I'm on my default(local server) server, my ping is high but when I select different states server my ping is low. Why is that? Shouldn't It supposed to be lower ping when I'm on my local server?
Perhaps,BSNL have not peered with the ISP at a nearby location and the data packets take longer route instead of smaller one.
Please check traceroute.....
It may help you gain insight into the issue.
@dhrubadeepdas It doesn't matter what pings u are getting on local.servers.If they speeds are okay then u have no connection issues . The local servers are designed for their own respective isp so.u will not get any low pings. If u want to know about the connection status trying pinging to google and other websites. , test my net is another alternative which will show u how ur real world download speeds looks like.
@dhrubadeepdas It all depends on routes and hops. Something is geographically near doesn't mean the wires go straight there. I get the same kind of pings. The first point you connect to is the ISP. Check your pings to the gateway.