BSNL has updated old plans in areas where new plans are not available !

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Uttar Pradesh (East)
BSNL Bharat Fiber
Some good news for the users whose SSA was not in the list for new plans. For them, BSNL is upgrading old plans and some users have already reported that Rs777 plan has been upgraded to 100 MBPS speed but with same FUP. Please update here if your old plan is also upgraded.
P.s. They should focus more on increasing FUP rather then speed.


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@thehawk information source?
i have to mention this here. if this content is being copied from dream dth or only tech or similar websites... please stop doing so without posting the source. and since i do not allow dream dth here... not decided about only tech at the moment... best is to just wait for official announcement. people who want to discuss this can discuss this over there.