BSNL introduced VPN on BB to Business Plan users!!

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thats just for VPN
Are you purposefully trying to mislead people. The site clearly states - BSNL offers VPN over (DSL)Broadband service to CIC/ Corporate/ Govt. Departments/ Govt. Institutions/ PSUs/ Educational Institutions etc. Since the service is independent of the Internet domain, it will be in addition to the Broadband service already offered. Therefore, VPN over Broadband may be offered as an additional service riding over DSL. As the services will be offered only to the business customers, it will be restricted to the customers who have subscribed to the Business Plans
yea, another "misleading" post by "bsnl" - 2mbps unlimited launched.I thot it was april fools all over again 🙂 me twice :ashamed: 🙁

Hello, BSNL is going to launch the VPN on BB for its Business plan customers (except the start up plan) This service is offered to the Corporate/ Govt Departments/ Govt Institutions/ PSU/ Educational Institutions. This will be offered as addon- service. Features: 1. There will be two plans VPNoBB256 VPNoBB512 WITH UPLILNKS AND DOWNLINKS 256 kbps and 512 kbps respectively. 2.No downloading and uploading limits have been kept for these plans. Particulars VPNoBB256 VPNoBB512 ================================== UP &DOWNbw 256KBPS 512KBPS ================================== fIXED MONTHLY Rs.500 Rs 900 ================================== Annual option Rs 5000 Rs 9000 ================================= This service will be offered in 1st of May 2007 (bulk customers are offered discounts based on the number of connections (from 100 connections to above 5000 ) with regards, -Vaithy
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