BSNL let go ADSL Broadband Customers to JIO Fiber, No Customer Retention Plans for ADSL

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Will BSNL introduce Retention plans for ADSL Broadband Customers ?

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JIO Fiber installation charges is lower (₹1500/2500) compared to BSNL Fiber.

Further JIO Fiber gives 30 days free and its plan are cheaper than BSNL Fiber.

ADSL customers are forced to opt for JIO Fiber because of non introduction of Customer Retention plans like for BSNL Fiber.

In Jio Fiber unlimited free voice calls can be made through JIO Call app (free app) in Android Phone . BSNL Fiber has no such.
It is not about retention plans. FTTH is much superior tech with better experience. Even if they give retention plans people will not stay on ADSL. (If they have alternative). As of today most ADSL guys don't have option...
That’s true, but BSNL should have paid LCOs on behalf of existing customers for fiber upgrade, it sounds too much but consider it as an investment. This was a good way to retain customers who will now migrate.

Think from customers pov, since they have to go through hassle of getting a new connection, have to pay ₹3500 (in my case, lot of people pay 7-8k), why will they stick to BSNL and not get others.

BSNL is acting cheap here, asking customers to pay for fiber and what not. Pathetic

I'm not bothered about BSNL, but would be using BSNL right now if they were half decent in customer experience. The default choice ISP for many is BSNL, but because of their pathetic policies everyone is quitting it. In my street, literally everyone was on BSNL ADSL, i was the only one who got their FTTH. now everyone in the street has FTTH from some provider but none has BSNL. they lost all customers and are crying for revenue these days but won't fix their policies