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Fancy numbers for BSNL mobiles (postpaid i.e. Cellone and prepaid i.e. Excel). These numbers have combination of digits which gives a special look to the mobile number. Category of fancy numbers and their charges are as follows :

There are 3 levels of fancy numbers: Level1, Level2, Level3.

Level 1 :- Rs. 10,000
Level 2 :- Rs. 7,000
Level 3 :- Rs, 5,000

Number Sequence(for Level 1) :-
Sequence Example
94MSCxxxxx (94120 00000)
94MSC94MSC (94120 94120)
94MSC consecutive nos. (94120 23456)
94MSMSMSMS (9412121212)

Number Sequence(for Level 2) :-
Sequence Example
94MSCa xxxx (94120 30000)
94MS xyxyxy (9412 03 03 03)
94MSCx MSCx (94 1200 1200)
94MSC 94(MSC+1) (94120 94121)

Number Sequence(for Level 3) :-
Sequence Example
94MSCa b000 (941203 4000)
94MSCa consecutive nos (941204 3456)
94MSC MSC MSC (2digit) (94120 120 12)
94MSC CSM49 (Mirror) (94120 02149)
94MS xy (xy+1) (xy+2) (9412 14 15 16)
94MS xxx yyy (9412 000 111)
Seems like I can buy a decent handset instead of getting a fancy number !!"Fancy number lene ke baad diwala ho jaoonga !" :lol:"lakhpati banna parega !!!" :lol:
a tougher number is better... atleast you would know how many people actually care for you. 😀
Having a tougher combination right now... (both Hutch & BSNL)Planning to get a simpler combination to see who remembers and cares for a "DIWALA" !! :lol:
hutch is expensive. but atleast they do not sms spam you like airtel does.
Hutch is expensive (using for last 2 years), but their service is too good. The voice quality,signal strength, gprs, call centre, services, volume is simply great. Recently got an excel connection. Bcoz BSNL has coverage in almost every nook & corner of the city and the country, low local+std+isd charges, no roaming fee, I have switched to it. Hope BSNL would be able to match their standards after their latest phase of expansion. I'm using both the SIM cards by manual interchanging. Planning to buy a Dual-SIM card for my SonyEricsson so that I might choose which operator to use in realtime! :lol:[ And No ADS/SPAM on Hutch/BSNL ]Is Hulo banned forever or for 2 days ?

dual sim phone. that would be nice. but what happens if u are on bsnl sim and u get a call on hutch? will it go as a non response call?
One can set up call divert on both the SIMs as he can use one SIM at a time. In case of "switched off", call will be diverted to the other no. Else, "switched off" will be messaged to the caller who dosen't want call divert.

The are two types of dual sim:
One which is a single sim having 2 numbers from the same operator. Eg - one for family + one for business.
Other is an adapter type holding 2 sims from different operators. Helpful when one network is not available/down/low signal/roaming in a particular area.
Here is a picture of cartridge type dual sim : nearly Rs. 100.

Planning to buy one ?