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Im unable to enter pubg mobile via bsnl broadband it shows error. 59 series ip is working fine and i can play in good latency but 117 series ip, i can't even enter in the game please help. I'm from Kerala


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I too facing this issue for a longer period(after I moved broadband to ftth), whenever I get IP from 61.x.x.x series I am able to login and I am play. If get Ip series 218.x.x.x I will face this same issue and I am not able to login and If Logged in,I could not hear the voice chat. I from Tamilnadu.
Same issue facing now also its been one month j changed dns and all and tried hard now try to don't lose the 59 series ip, please someone help
117 series is having high ping as compared to 59 series .. And there comes a notification that wifi is having a problem while logging in pubg.
@AbhinavKk There is nothing that someone in this forum can help you with ip series..(unless there is some bsnl officials sneaking in this forum) It comes by default from bsnl.

You could take up a complaint with their nib telling the same, but then again; they wouldn't bother if you are having a working internet.

@AbhinavKk If you are too much worried about 117 series still, you could request for a static ip for one year.
And tell them to give you a 59 series ip.
You might have to pay ₹2000/- ( iam not sure about the amount though)
For getting static ip you might need a base plan above ₹1000 for eg- ₹1277 (100mbps plan for 750gb).
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