BSNL Pune - Not coming for installation despite 3 weeks

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I am from Pune and at my uncles place we applied for BSNL fiber internet. They said we will have to pay 5.5K as router charges and its compulsory. They wont provide ONT so that we can later plug our own router to it. We must buy their whatever ONT WiFi router device as such.
The thing is it's been 3 weeks since we applied and they are not coming for the installation at all. Some vendor just laid the fiber cable that's it. There's no sign of actual installation or configuration yet.
We are in touch with their area manager but he gives false reasons everytime. Finally it's proven the fact that govt organization is govt organization and they do not care of customers time, urgency or any other requirement. We don't know how to cancel the collection now after form has been filled.
At the time of application they promised that they will set up everything in just 4 - 5 days. I am sharing my experience so that other prospective internet buyers may make a better informed decision. I understand all ISP have their monopoly but still think private players are bit better. At least they are prompt in setting up the connection.
Whether BSNL connection shall be stable or not, if we really get 100Mbps or not is a distant dream for now. Connection itself is not in place.
The same happened with a guy backside of house. He's 69 and cannot move around much. They made him wait a month before it happened. He filed a extortion case on the LCO. LCO had 4k as total charges. I don't know too much but that definitely expidited the process and he got the connection.
Did you raise this issue on pgportal?
There are many other major reasons for the connection being delayed other than being a govt organisation.
My Airtel connection was delayed by more than a month. Does that make Airtel a bad organisation?
Did you ask in your locality how much time LCO took to setup the connection?
Basically I have moved to many places and all ISPs like AIrtel, Youtele, Spectranet have been prompt in giving me connection in the past. It hardly took 3-4 days. In this case the address and phone verification happened fast. They come to my uncles house within just 30 minutes of calling them collecting the form, but later started giving all lame thin excuses. That's where I made that comment! If they would have upfront said that it takes time, (for whatever the reason be) that would have been a different story. Promising a connection in 3 days and taking 3 weeks is a concern.
Finally my uncle phoned someone and said that he will cancel the connection and won't pay anything then they came today!