Cable Maintenance Charge

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My CTO was asking for last 4-5 months to pay rs.100 per month for cable maintenance but I was kinda denying him the payment. He's a nice guy, and seeing his nice behavior+service I have started paying him rs 50 pm.So my conn effectively costs me 895+50 = 950Though i've had my share of probs in the past, for the time being I am happy with my sify conn.
Why should you pay charges for services that is already accounted for in such overrated and constrained packages? Moreover we pay in advance without any guarantee of service, dont we? It only goes to show the Sify or any ISP which channel services through franchises have no hold on them and if ppl like us start paying additional charges only makes the situation worse for all the present and future subscribers. It would serve in our interest and the interest of others to make ppl living in a society or neighbourhood aware of such exploitation and best collectively disconnect or boycott the service if they make you pay for additional charges or do not give proper timely service. If members succumb to paying additional charges it is they who are promoting the overpayment for services.The CTO in my area never resolves my issues in time without me making numerous calls to them or the technicians. Sometimes they deliberately make their cellphones unavailable for reply. I am paying more on my telephone bill in addition to losing days and therefore money of my prepaid service awaiting them to resolve the issues. I would be unsubscribing from their services after my procastinated and yet unresolved case and the pathetic or no interaction I received from them and their arrogant customer service this time. Their Supervisor was giving me a runaround each time I would make a call and also defiantly asked me to cancel the service only to ring back and request continuation after 4 days without any compensation for losing those days.I got a call after 8 days for the issue from a local sify tech requesting me to ping an address since there are problems with their backend server or some networking virus(duh!) and there is nothing wrong with my computer. How else would one explain an issue which resolves itself normally after 12:30 or 1:00 when I am tired enough to hit bed? His resolution however did help in partially resolving the case. This time hopefully would be able to pursue airtel connection which I hear is better off then subscribing to complacent and cheating CTOs and their useless technicians. Sify service is not even worth mentioning. Yes I know this quiet an exhaustive rant probably your story as well but who other than ourselves can stand up against consumer exploitation or worsen conditions for ourselves??? Cheers all!
jesus christ this is just weird he posts the helpline numbers on every thread in the forum... sushubh? 🙄
well i noticed that. does not harm much considering he stopped after posting in a couple of posts. and he has already been warned about using capital letters. 🙂

or like u said increasing his post count lol well continuing on topic i dont mind paying cable mantainence charges if i didnt have to deal with downtime.. now paying and having loads of downtime that sucks.. i do get compensated and but it just sucks when i cant use my connection and i have these things that i wanna do that day 🙁
something similar with airtel. i am paying close to 2000 for my net. never get double speeds at night. at times get slower than dialup speeds on this 256kbps connection.