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Andhra pradesh
I am using ftth connection.Previously used act fibernet.When using act webpage would load very fast and whatsapp calls are also clear.But when i started using bsnl web page connects slowly and whatsapp calls also lags and distorts.Using modem provided by bsnl(Huawei echolife hg850a) with TP-Link wr840n router in dynamic mode.Changed dns server to google dns in router wan page.but still problem persists.please solve issue.
Check WiFi settings, make sure 802.11 b isn't used, use anything else.

Also give more information btw, what plan, current ping to, speedtest result, actual download speeds..
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Cannot change wifi option to only 802.11n.Only two options are available.They are 802.11bg and 802.11bgn.previously used same router with act fibernet. Quality of connection is good over act fibernet than bsnl ftth.
Plan :- 30mbps with 150gb
ping to is 15ms
speedtest result is 27ms ping to nearest server and 29.50mbps download speed along with 27.57mbps upload speed. speed test shows 29mbps download speed and 25mbps upload speed with 13ms unloaded and 19ms loaded.
whatsapp call lag occurs only when speaking with relatives in usa.
Does the lag happen while calling someone else? Maybe it's something on their side.
But browsing is not so good.Page takes time to connect compared to act.Sometimes youtube does not load for two minutes.Sometimes works better than act fibernet.
That's a first. There used to be BSNL ads on ADSL but I haven't had anything like that on fiber, especially not third party websites like nord vpn 😅. Maybe restart the ont, see if getting a new ip fixes your speed issues.