Call of Duty: Ghosts


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So Ghost returns? If this is true, and it probably is, I'll be lining up to pre order it this November.

UK supermarket giant Tesco has a product listing and box art for currently unannounced Call of Duty: Ghosts.
The listings cover Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms, though the Xbox 360 listing has already been removed. The PlayStation 3 listing remains at time of writing, however.

As well as outing both the unrevealed game and what is believed to be the official box art, the merchant's product listing also claimed that the sequel will be "built on an entirely new story, setting, and cast, all powered by a next-generation Call of Duty engine".
The "Ghosts" in the title references ... well, we're not entirely sure just yet. Previous CoD games featured a character named "Ghost" fairly prominently, though the plurality indicates a game about more than one individual. We're holding out hope that the often overserious, dramatic tone of previous CoD games is being completely thrown out in favor of a goofy game about hunting ghosts. The bullets pass right through their ethereal form! Run for your life!
Official reveal: page:
Pre order live at Gamespot:

lol. i would preorder tickets for avengers 2 without even seeing the trailer 😛
but then the ticket does not cost me 2000 rupees (at least yet) so well.
at least it has a pc version. gta on the other hand.
This pre order business so soon is for COD fanatics like me who cannot live without buying the latest COD. I'll be pre ordering it after seeing game play footage and after Flipkart starts the pre orders.
I'm a COD fanboy myself but you got to agree that MW3 was a bad deal.BOII was pretty good...I'll buy this too but only after watching actual footage
I'd started with COD when I'd 'acquired' MW1. It was lovely! Then I'd played MW2 which was an incremental update at best. Then I'd bought a PS3 and bought BO1 and MW3. I'd loved both. Last year BO2 came near my exams so I had to skip it. Now exams again so I couldn't buy it still. So I'm skipping BO2 and then I'll go for COD:G.
I appluad the developers for taking a 10 year old engine beyond limits.It's about time they changed it and lets just not give up on CoD.Atleast they are trying to do something else.If they use the engine which Activision showed a month ago then graphics wont be a problem.They are good at SP so this can turn out to be good
CoD and good at sp !! excuse me while i go and break a wall or two. change the frigging game engine already!!!!!! this will another liner corridor shootout fps , nothing new or different just milking of an franchise.