Can anyone from Prayagraj (Allahabad) post details about BharatFibre plans available as of today ?

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AFAIK, the last time I check (Jan 2020), BSNL was not offering any plans below Rs 999 in Allahabad (confirmed with BSNL Office, CTO Tower).

Has anyone recently subscribed to one of their Bharat Fibre plans, specially the low priced ones (Rs. 499/100GB CUL) ? Do you get a public IP or a private one ?

Also, what's the status about the long term plans availability ? (24 months or so)
You can check plans here - Tariffs | BSNL Portal

There are many plans under 999.

And change them online via selfcare portal. No need of help from BSNL at all.
BSNL doesn't provides plans lower than 999 in my city as well as they have leased their fiber lines to other ISP, currently in my city, Netplus(Fastway) is using BSNL's fiber lines so Netplus is providing plans under 999 and BSNL above 999, seems kind of an agreement between different ISP's.