Can BSNL LCO snoop over your data traffic ?

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Can Bsnl Lco's snoop over your unencrypted data traffic ? What is the model looks like at the backend ? Anyone herr with backend knkwledge of Lco Model ? How your data travels.
Potentially yes, they can if they want to, cause all traffic would go through the OLT which is in the LCOs control.
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Pretty much every major websites and all apps are encrypted, there's nothing to snoop except for host names.

Besides there's no incentive for the LCOs to do that even if you use a regular http website and they were competent enough.
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I believe PPPoE endpoint isn't under LCO's control. It's in BSNL's backend. So I believe they can't really.
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@shin I think due to the various vendors and different OLT being used at different ends . Centralised management is tough I suppose . Correct me if I am wrong
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Well OLTs aren't managed centrally. And PPPoE doesn't depend on OLT as it's used for ADSL too.
But I have no idea how it works in BSNL.
It is possible, that's for sure. From what I've heard, LCOs are given the credentials by BSNL, they don't set it which leads me to believe that they have the servers.

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1. If its unencrypted then they can read and modify the data going across. That's how BSNL injects ads and stuff on http pages.
2. If its encrypted, the data inside isn't visible but the ISP can see the IP Address of the server you are connecting with and if domain name through SNI (unless SNI is also encrypted which is usually rare). However, full URL isn't visible on https site, only the domain name.
3. If the ISP is hijacking DNS Queries, then they can read and alter DNS Queries and Response.

If you don't want ISP to see what sites you visit, use a VPN. However, now you are trusting VPN Provider instead of ISP as VPN Provider can now see your traffic. When you use a VPN, ISP can see that you are making a connection to the VPN Server but can't read anything inside as its encrypted. Deep Packet Inspection can also be used by ISP figure out if its VPN traffic.
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