Can gx titanium 2122a(excitel Rs 2000 onu) be used with dumb onu as wifi router

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One of my friend was using excitel earlier in office but now he switched to some other provider. He has a gx titanium 2122a router from excitel not useful to him anymore. I am using a dumb onu from excitel and want to use that titanium 2122a as only wifi router.
Is it possible if i connect the ethernet cable from the dumb onu to the gx titanium 2122a?
Here are the screenshots of the interface when i login to this device . I just want this device to connect to the dumb ONU and use my PPOE username and password and then use it as a wifi router.

Screenshots of interface of device
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As far as i know, you cannot use it to dial pppoe since a wan connection can only be dialled from pon. But you can possibly use it as a dumb access point(only wifi, you ll have to dial pppoe on the main onu connected to fibre line).
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on what device is your pppoe connection on currently? and on what device do you want to transfer it to?
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Currently the main fiber line is connected to a non wifi ONU and that has a lan cable connected to my wifi router - Mi router 3. On that router, connection type is PPOE with username and password saved of my connection account. So instead of the mi router 3, I want to use this gx titanium 2122a device as it has more speeds supported.

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I tried entering the username password of PPOE connection on the non wifi ONU but it seems internet is not connected after it. It requires the PPOE connection on router only for connection to be established.
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If the pppoe has been on the mi router since installation and you cannot dial pppoe from non wifi onu then most probably the connection is mac binded, which means to get desired speed and performance you have two options-
1- get a good dual band router which supports mac cloning(almost all routers do)
2 - get your isp to register your non wifi onu mac address for the pppoe connection.
if you get desired speeds from mi 3c routers lan ports then you can try to set the wifi onu as an ap and use it for wifi.
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