Can I exchange/replace existing set top box with another which has bluetooth headphone support?

Only if there is some genuine issue with your box.
Tbh if you convince the Jio technician that there is some issue, he would replace it.
Which set top box model do you have?
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So, does anyone know if it's even possible to pair BT headphones with the STB? I saw a few YT videos that demonstrated how older firmware versions allowed adding BT devices, but newer ones (like the one I have) seem to have removed the feature for no good reason whatsoever. Why the f*** does Jio not want people to even use BT headphones with the STB? 😡
Hear you loud and clear... Guess Jio has learnt from the Govt of the day... We want to control this, we want to control that..
Consumers pay for the STB but JIO controls what we can do with the STB... These things should never be happening in 2020....
Why does'nt the competition wake up and advertise these facts? Airtel Vfiber/Xstream and other ISP's should be highlighting these things and showing why they are better than JIo - Better upload speeds, port forwarding, etc, etc...
So inspite of these things, if JIO is still adding customers, why would JIO want to change?
In my case, JIO is the only high speed provider as of today. The day Airtel launches theirs, I will jump ship.....
Customers are not really paying for the STB. There is a small deposit and installation charge for the main fiber connection regardless of whether you get the STB. People with specific needs should either get a modern smart TV that has Bluetooth or a small PC or Mi TV type of device. Why expect Jio to provide every feature? Normal DTH boxes don’t have Bluetooth.

but removing a feature that was already present is stupid af.
^ THIS! How exactly does it benefit them to disable this? Why make excuses for their utter stupidity and incompetence instead of calling them out on it and forcing them to do better?
Given how money minded indian companies are, and given JIO's dismal record of controlling their router configuration/access, I can only think of one reason why Jio would disable it.
Maybe Jio is introducting their own BT headphones which will be the only BT equipment capable of working with the JIO STB going forward...
This way they will be able to sell a few of their BT headphones.....😢😢