can I know the wifi speed of my other devices connected to my computer, which has broadband internet over wifi connections


Hi, I am having Bsnl broadband connection and I am having D-Link adsl wifi router.
Ofcourse, I could go to speed test net in or ookla website to know about the broadband speed.
But , my other devices get internet access through the Access point in my router, which is invariably connected to my broadband connection with bsnl.
My query is how do I test the speed of the devices of the devices connected over wifi, like laptop, android phones etc, through my computer.
Are there any way to know with commands or are there any software that would give me.
wifi speeds depend entirely upon your wifi router make , eventhough net access is broadband connection thro internet.
Is my presumption correct? and If it is correct, then there may be a way to know the devices wifi speed thro accessing computer.
I do not know. users please say
If your router supports DD-WRT/Open-Wrt firmware. You can try below add-ons to monitor bandwidth of devices connected to network.
How do I know, that my router support either dd wrt or open wrt.
please tell so that I could proceed further.
Are not all routers supported
will try to know something about it . If you could provide the details it will be helpful
this is a new thing to learn for me
If you visit DD-WRT » Router Database you can search the supported routers. If you are using ADSL router, it wont support these firmware. You need to buy a wi-fi router without modem and connect it to ADSL modem. TP-Link/Asus/Linksys/Netgear wi-fi routers have good support. If you plan to buy wi-fi router, search for the wi-fi router support with the model name , you will know.

You need to replace the official firmware yourself manually by reading the instructions for that particular model. This process can brick the router if you do not follow the instructions manually. If you are not very confident about this , my suggestion is don't do it.
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If you are talking about the speed your Wifi devices can achieve, then your link speed on Wifi settings page will give you a near estimate if you are not comfortable flashing firmware and going through a setup
hi, Shashankb, I do not know, which of the devices that support 2.4 ghz and which are supported by 5ghz speed wifi routers connection.
for this I want to know,
The software prescribed by venkatachar do not support my router.
I want to know more about wifi signals .

You can list all the devices you have. We can know which ones support.