Can my CTO offer me other Broadbands?

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Some company Broadband 50mbps + Jio Airfiber 30mbps
I am sick of sify changing rules all time. Hence I am wondering if our CTO can also provide us other Broadband using the same wires which he has put for sify. Is that thing official . I am a mumbai subscriber and want a guidence from you all that is this thing possible? Or can we have both Sify and other broadband in same cto network?
The fellow in my area is providing both hotwire and Sify. Maybe in the future he will give exatt as well. It depends on whose tower he gets installed in his premises.Airtel's distribution system is different from the above mentioned ISP' i dont think ur CTO will be able to provide Airtel BB
bharti do sell leased lines for futher distribution through LAN Networks.