Cannot Access 'dataone Account Administration'

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I have 256 Ul connection. For the past 3 weeks, i have not been able to access my account. I go to BLSN main page then click on the 'check Usage'. In there , when i click on 'Dataone Account Administration', a popup window comes up which says the page cannot be displayed. This has been going on and on for the past 3 weeks. Is it happening only to me or to other subscribers as well ? If there is any other way to check the account, please tell me.Thanks.
Hi! I've been trying to access the dataone admin page since the time i got this connection n everytime it returns an error " access forbidden" can somebody help? also i wanna knw.. i had applied for the change of my plan... and tehy said my plan would be changes from 1 i wanna chk if my plan has been chngd hwo do i chk tht? thnks in advance!