MTNL Mumbai Cannot access internet from my laptop

MTNL Broadban
Since the last 2 months I an unable to access internet from my laptop. I connect to my MTNL broadband thru WIFI. On my laptop i can see the connection is successful and the signal strength is also good.

But the moment i try to access any site it says cannot connect to internet. On the same laptop i am able to connect successfully thru the TATA Docomo photon card.

I am using a Netgear router (modem cum wifi) which is connect to me desktop.

Please help .. thanks
First of all restart all your modem and router device and check.
then, change dns of your laptop to google dns and try.

See if it helps
Open up command prompt.
First type "ping", you should get 4 replies, less than 5ms. (P.S. this IP may vary, type ipconfig in cmd and use IP of 'Default Gateway')
Then type "ping"
If you got replies for 192, but not, it means that problem is in ADSL, i.e. from MTNL to your Router. Ask 'em to come and fix it
If you can't get replies from 192 (your default gateway) hthen it's possible your Laptop's wifi is messed up. Reboot your laptop and modem and try a direct cable (Cat5 / 5e) from router to laptop
Thanks all... I cannot change the DNS of my laptop since this is a office laptop and i donot have the admin access. I tried the ping for both ips (my ip and the both working fine ... but still cannot access the internet.

We have Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client thru which i connect to WIFI ... could there be an issue with this client ..