Cannot Figure Out D-link 502t Ip Address

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Hey, I cannot seem to figure out the address to get to my D-Link Configuration page. I have MTNL's NU 256Kbps plan in Mumbai and have the D-Link 502T Router. This is connected to a Linksys WRT54G Wireless router. Now, connects me to the configuration page for the Linksys router, not the D-Link one. Another configuration page I found is called "VoIP Configuration Web Server" at Does anyone have anyclue how I can find the D-Link config page? Thanks,V.
Check without router connected!!!!
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Disconnect ur Wireless router & then try The problem is both ur D-Link & Wireless router r using the same IP address.

In that case, is it possible to manually change the ip address of the wireless router to say

I just went into my wireless router configuration (Linksys WRT54G) and changed the IP to However, still I cannot access the D-Link page at Is there something I am missing?
may be ur modem ip got changed. do u have firewall enabled on modem? did u keep passwdas admin. may be some1 entered ur modem and changed hard reset of modem. remove wireless router. then try IP
Does anyone have a solution without a hard reset? And, no I do not have any firewall enabled. Thanks,V.

hard reset is not tough thing... within a minute u get it up.abt firewall.. i meant firewall on modem...u should enable itonce u hard reset it..that will prevent any1 accessing ur modemfrom forum sticky posts.anyway in my opinion hard reset is only solutions. i have feelingthat some1 has changed ip. choice it urs!
Thanks a lot amish for replying. I think I had given wrong information. The phone line is connected to a D-Link 502T Router. The Ethernet cable is then connected to a Trikon IAD 162 VoIP Gateway. The ethernet cable from this is then connected to the Linksys Wireless WRT54G. I have reconfigured the IP address of the Linksys to The IP address of the VoIP Gateway is I can access both of these. By connecting my computer directly to the 502T Router, I was able to access the D-Link settings at the default Thus, the IP address has not been changed. However, when the whole setup is in place, although I can access the internet (as I am doing now), I cannot access the D-Link settings. This whole thing is extremely confusing and thanks to anyone who tries to help.V.
hmmm... well u cant access DSL modem this way.. u need to setup routingon ur Linksys.whats ur current gateway? i dont think its I think its i right? because is not directly connected to linksys, ur packetsgo to linksys but linksys cant find u using trikon voip services? ask them.
its not, but (the ip of the trikon voip gateway). yes, i am using the voip services from trikon and do intend on asking them soon. what do u mean setup routing from my Linksys router? how would that enable me to find the setup options of the D-Link router? thanks amish.