CCTV Camera Setup (4MP)

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1. Hik-Vission NVR(DS-7P16NI-Q2) [16 channel] costed me around 6-7K
2. Hik-Vission IP camera DS-2CD132P series comes with dome and bullet around 3-4K each
3. POE switch need to be bought separate to join and power all cameras.
3. Installation cost depends on the location and service provider, eg. if outdoor then outdoor grade CAT6 cable used if indoor then indoor grade cable used.

Note: for recording feature the NVR does not come with hard disk, so you need to buy separate or if you have any spare (from old computer - 500 GB recommended) then that can be used.

I bought and got installed from a local camera security provider.

for good configuration or more channel system it may cost more then 20K.

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Also while sellers will try to sell you DVR based systems, please avoid it at all costs (I'm stuck with it now 😢 ). The problem with DVR is disturbance (and interference from electrical cables) in order to avoid that the proper setup is making sure that the wire is laid far away from electrical cable in separate conduits.

While in IP based cameras everything is digital hence much less interference issues.
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NVR are expensive.
If you are new, and have budget of 30k you can go with hikvision DS-7B08HUHI-K1 with 8 - 5mp analog cameras with H.265+ compression.
I think it also has 4 IP camera (upto 6MP)additional capability.

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I still suggest to go with NVR and IP cameras cause its future proof and also its quality and efficiency is much better then DVR and analog cameras.
For DVR and analog cam live view was bit laggy for me. But with NVR and IP its smooth and fast.

Also previously I had DVR with analog cameras from Hik-Vision. According to my experience after usage of 3 years continuously analog camera video quality decrease and video became dull (losing colour) I mean the colour start losing and image became greyish.

Now with NVR and IP cameras I have been using past 2 years still no loss in quality and feel the same quality image as installed back two year ago.

Also wiring is quit easy for IP cameras since CAT6/5 cable with normal RJ-45 connectors used for connection with POE.

But for analog cameras BNC connector and DC connector becomes hell lot of work and the wiring feels messy.

Also BNC connector becomes loose quite a time so every year I had to fix it (since my cameras where facing heavy winds).

Also if due to some physical factor if wiring is not possible then you may go with WiFi IP cameras which are also pretty good if you have small area to cover cause it requires Wifi signal.

IF more area to cover then IP are advise since analog loose more power and quality over increase in wire length then IP.
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