Cerberus for Google Android

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A couple of clarifications on the promotion we are doing with AppGratis:
- The promo will end at 1 PM GMT, June 7
- It is only for new accounts created in this time frame. So if you already have an account with the free trial expired, unfortunately you can't get the full license for free.
I'm in half a mind to create a new account. But then my old one is linked to the sim card....
Hi,The license for your "MYUSERNAME" Cerberus account has been activated for free, thanks to a promotion in collaboration with AppGratis.Every day AppGratis offers one free app (plus discounts up to 90% off), hand-picked and reviewed by their team to make sure of their high quality.Check out their app for great deals, it's free: http://bit.ly/13kIkk2Please open Cerberus on your device and log in to access the app settings, you should not see the "Buy license" option anymore. This means that the lifetime license for your account is active.Have a great day!The Cerberus and AppGratis teams
I bought this from Play Store just 12 days ago :angry:

Something is better than nothing. It's better off installing atleast a freeware than whining about not installing one after it gets stolen.
Ideally, you should root your phone & add/integrate Cerberus to the ROM. That way, even a factory reset would not remove it.
Wat if the possesser. Flash another rom. That's why i say anti theft apps are a joke in andriod. May be good for closed source os like windows, symbian etc. But andriod. It's not worth spending for it ...
You can tamper an andriod phone the way you want ...