changing plans on airtel dth is very cumbersome help appriciated

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hello everyone I have been using an Airtel DTH box and it is bundled with the Airtel black plan when I open my Airtel app and I try to change the plan I am bombarded by many options there are some plans that are combo plans that the company has made on its own and my current plan costs 360 rupees there are some channels that I don't like in that plan and would like to remove those and reduce the cost of my plan to around 300 rupees but doing so seems very difficult I see a plan on the app that costs ₹300 plus taxes and a plan that costs ₹260 plus taxes but I dont know whether this is including the ₹153 that is charged for the minimum validity of the set top box now what I want to do is there are some bundles for Sony star colours TV zeetv that I want to subscribe as the bundle offered by these channels and the rest of the channels I want to pick as Ala carte my confusion is the plans are plentiful like star has 82 plans and if I started comparing those and the Airtel website is very slow or how do I put it very difficult to maneuver for changing plans in this regard I can't search among the plans using anything in the app and I have to go through each and every plan to finally find the one that I like is there any other way or like plan you need to at least stay at least one month in airtel black
Isn't there an app from trai that lets you set your dth plan?
When I took Airtel Family Postpaid plan, Store guy suggested to go for 2 SIM + DTH plan for 800. But channel selection was very weird and it allowed only Rs 400 worth channels, so I did not opt for it.
If I can suggest, and if Airtel Black allows, better go for A la carte channels.