Cheap wired earphones

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-Mostly for voice.
-Need to have working mic
-Voice heard through it should be clear
-It should fit well and shouldn't drop (most important thing)
I would buy the realme one for 650rs but I'm not sure if I should go with the Chinese one
@r19 most of the cheaper wired ones are of chinese ones. Sony mdr ex150 ap maybe will be in your price range
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Cheap- China. Hands down.
Would also suggest to look for Sony ex150ap. The only issue I find with Sony drivers is their low output at max volume.
You can look into Boat 242, they have earhooks to stay in place. Can't comment on voice quality.
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Quality is subjective... But I am using the expensive version with 14mm drivers and I found it good for my needs.
I also have My earphones for my music needs as it has extra bass.
Regarding return, you need to check it on Amazon app, site if you can return it or replace it. Most of them are replace category, defective or not.
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