Cheapest Price For 512kbps In Delhi

What company would you people suggest for cheapest unlimited 512kbps connection with unmetered downloads. upload is no problem, slow tolerable.Please suggest some i am seeking in range of 1500 something, you guys know any?Thanks.
I don't believe that an unlimited 512kbps connection is available.
m not sure abt it. but i've heard its between 900-1100 Rs. and upload will be normal as 256 i believe. i m not sure coz i havn't used it. better post it in airtel forum.
Mine is Airtel 256kbps - Rs 249 (200mb during daytime)+ Night unlimited - Rs 199+ 100 pulse freebill comes to approx 505.00 per monthdownload/upload speed at night is 70kbps 😛
download speed unit is kbit/s or kbyte/s ??:huh: