Cheapo headphones.


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So my 800 bucks headphones of phillips has gone kaput. I use it sparingly with my nexus 7 and now the right ear piece bass has completely disappeared.
Headphones work but with right ear piece bass missing and the left one working fine,the experience has been completely lost.
Need suggestions for cheapo headphones with good bass. preferably under 200bucks.
I suggest you to double up the budget, and get the SHS390 by Philips. It has no competition at that price range.
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Don't expect much from Skullcandy. They're more about the looks and not the quality. Plus build quality is questionable. In earphones, try for JBL, Bose, and other similar companies, although I don't think they sell at 200 bucks. I've bought a pair of Beats, from Gaffar for 500 twice. Worked perfectly both times.
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Beats for 500 bucks O.O
Bought them. And used the first pair for 10 months. Worth the 500 bucks. Now using the second for over 3 months.
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