Clandistine Illegal Arm Twisting Activities Bsnl Staff

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In the area of Kalyan BSNL. I came across atleast 3 cases of arm twisting by bsnl exchange staff. When my friends purchased Modem from Market and installed them after applying and paying. The exchange staff, rang them up and insisted on buying the modem from one of their sources. when my friends refused, they conceeded after a long battle in two cases. but when they saw the third case of loosing one more chance to the same source of installer, they started playing hide and seek. they gave the ADSL link and the broadband connection is quite correct and working (when used with a third party username and password) but the username and password they provided, refused to work. on compaliant they changed it and again it is not working. then they said, the modem used by this customer is product of D-Link factory at Goa and it will not work, so we have to buy it from their sources.So dear members, before applying for a BSNL Broadband, get correct info, if they would set the connection right, and also at a latter date, they would not tamper with your connection. Or else, it is a lot better to opt out of BSNL Broadband and go for the already timetested, useless other ISPs.Any suggestions on this is most welcome.