Cleartrip (Data Breach)

Navjot Singh

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Cleartrip is standing up for #NetNeutrality

Facebook reached out and asked us to participate in the initiative with the intention of helping us deliver one of our most affordable products to the more underserved parts of the country. There was no revenue arrangement between us and or any of its participants — we were neither paid anything, nor did we pay anything to participate. Additionally we don’t make any money out of that product.

What started off with providing a simple search service has us now concerned with influencing customer decision-making by forcing options on them, something that is against our core DNA.

So while our original intent was noble, it is impossible to pretend there is no conflict of interest (both real and perceived) in our decision to be a participant in In light of this, Cleartrip has withdrawn our association with and participation in entirely.
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Cleartrip, Flipkart’s flight booking platform, suffered a data breach on Monday, according to the company’s email to its customers. The extent of the attack was not immediately known. “This is to inform you that there has been a security anomaly that entailed illegal and unauthorised access to a part of Cleartrip’s internal systems,” the company wrote in an email to its customers.

As usual, they have denied leaking any personal information. And I had no idea Cleartrip was owned by Flipkart. I do have an account with them but never used it. Apart from my email ID, they don't have anything. phew.