Colour Theme for the forum

Apoorv Khatreja

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You can use this page to make a colour theme for the forum. Post a screenshot of your theme over here, and in this way, we can decide which one is the best.

Here's my screenshot, when we have enough of them, we can poll as to which one is the best, and which will be selected as the default theme (I hope so).
while you have made a theme u like. make sure to save a copy at your end!
i am going blind with this green color. duh. changing the theme would require a lot of rework. 😛
is the new one any good?did the text box just got bigger?i am going blind... excuse me.
the new one is good. much better than the green one ! 🙂i just thought the textbox got smaller somehow......😱lol sushubh, looks like we both are going blind!!😛
anyways lotta better than the stupid green 🙂

BUT Font color can be a bit darker

btw wat hapnd to our good ol smileys ??

m missin our ninja smiley 😀

We don't have the "word" smileys now like :angry: :lol: etc. They appear as plain text now.
i tried uploading some. but they came with no install instructions. still learning...
Agree different smiley codes 😀 and the span tag don't work eitheru c all this request Sushubh Bhai has his hands full for comin few days